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Stage Advokatfirma is a highly specialized law firm, exclusively dedicated to handling criminal defence cases. If you are in need of a lawyer with vast expertise and experience in criminal cases, you should seriously consider one of the lawyers fra Stage Advokatfirma.

Some of the lawyers from Stage Advokarfirma used to work as public prosecutors, which is a huge advantage when planning an efficient defence strategy for your case. They know the work methods of the prosecutors and the police, and will not be caught off guard. The lawyers at Stage Advokatfirma are qualified to undertake their own investigations, when material provided by the police proves insufficient. You can be sure that Stage Advokatfirma will stand up for you and take on police and prosecutors to win your case.

Choosing a lawyer

You always have the right to choose your own legal defence. Even when the court has already appointed a lawyer to your case, you are still entitled to change your defence lawyer. If you wish to do so, and you are not able to contact the new lawyer yourself, e.g. because you are kept in custody, you can request either the police or the staff at the prison to send a fax to the court, stating the name of the lawyer that you would like to represent your case.

When the court has approved the new defence lawyer, he or she will visit you in prison. Be aware that it might take up to one week to implement this change.


All defence lawyers receive their payment directly from the Danish government. The fee is the same regardless of the legal counsel chosen or appointed. Hence, the fee per hour of choosing a lawyer from Stage Advokatfirma will not exceed that of any other solution.

In case of conviction, the defendant will establish the terms of payment with the Danish government. Under no circumstances will the defendant be charged any fee by his or her lawyer. In case of acquittal, the Danish government will bear all related cost.

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